To clear the browser cache for Safari, you have a few options. If you’re ok with clearing your entire browsing history (including cookies and website data), you can take the straightforward approach and just go to Safari > Clear History:

A popup window shows up for you to choose a timeframe for deleting the cache data. As with most browsers, you can go with the last hour, a few days, or maybe the entire history.

After that, click on the Clear History button to finish. That eliminates the Safari cache’s cookies, browsers history, and website data .

There are also more autonomous ways to manage the browser cache in Safari.

To activate these, go to the menu bar and select Safari > Preferences.

One way to have cache clearing happen in the background is by adjusting the field to Remove History Items. You’ll pick a certain period (like after one year), then Safari automatically clears the browser history cache after that time has passed.

Consider removing history items after a certain period.
Consider removing history items after a certain period.

We also recommend going to the Privacy tabsince it provides an area to manage cookies and website data individually.

You’re able to check the box to Block All Cookies. This tells the cache never to log those cookies in the first place, removing the need for you ever to clear them out.

We also suggest you check out the Manage Website Data button.

There are settings to block all of the cookies and manage all types of website data stored in the cache.
Blocking all cookies and managing cached data.

That presents a list of websites currently storing data within your browser cache. You can either remove them individually or click on the Remove All button.

The Manage Website Data module reveals cache data from all the websites you've visited.
The Manage Website Data module.

To only empty Safari’s browser cache (instead of the initial method where it also clears cookies and site data), you’ll need to enable the Develop menu by going to Preferences > Advanced and checking the Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar box.

Show developer menu in Safari.
Showing the developer menu in Safari.

Then, you can go to Develop > Empty Caches to clear Safari’s browser cache.

And those are all the ways to clear the cache in Safari!