To clear the cache for Google Chrome, start by clicking the Three Dots icon in the top right of your browser window. Then, find the More Tools option and select Clear browsing data… from the submenu:

Alternatively, you can also use the hotkey combination: CTRL + SHIFT + DEL. Chrome will open up a new tab with a popup window titled Clear Browsing Data. Make sure that only the Cached images and files box is checked. You can choose to clear your browsing history or opt for more thorough cleansing of the cache by including cookies and other site data in the cache clearing.

Clear browser cache in Google Chrome.
Clear browser cache in Google Chrome.

You can also change the time frame at the top. Select the Time Range field, then choose one of the options like the last 24 hours, last 4 weeks, or the entire history.

Select a time range for which to clear the browser cache
Select a time range to clear the browser cache.

Finally, click the Clear data button to clear your cache. And that’s it – your Chrome browser cache is now empty.

Press the Clear Data button to completely clear everything like the browsing history and cached images in Chrome
Press the Clear Data button to clear everything completely.

It’s important to remember that most browsers store more advanced data within the cache that usually doesn’t get cleared with the primary tool. These are usually more critical data items that you might not want to eliminate from the cache.

However, many situations warrant the clearing of all cache data. In Chrome, select the Advanced tab in the Clear browsing data window.

Now, you’ll see additional browsing data checkboxes such as:

  • Passwords and other sign-in data.
  • Autofill form data.
  • Site Settings.
  • Hosted app data.

Feel free to mark whichever data items you want to be removed if you’d like. Just know that these are usually essential for improving your overall user experience, like with the passwords that help you log into websites in seconds.

Click on the Clear Data button once you’re done.

The Advanced tab offers more data items to clean on the cache
The Advanced tab offers more data items to clean the cache.

Google Chrome has multiple ways to look at your cache data and delete it from the browser.

For instance, you could go right to the Google Chrome Settings page and click on Privacy and Security.

Under that, there’s a button to Clear Browsing Data, which brings you to the same popup window we saw before; it’s simply found by going through different steps.

In addition, you can choose the Cookies and Other Site Data button to specifically take control of third-party cookies.

The Cookies and Other Site Data button helps with blocking or allowing specific cookies within the cache
The Cookies and Other Site Data button.

All tracking cookies are logged within the browser cache, so this is an option for those who are more interested in cleaning out cookies instead of your browser history or login information.

On this page, you have options to:

  • Allow all cookies.
  • Block third-party cookies in Incognito.
  • Block third-party cookies.
  • Block all cookies.

The cookie settings empower you to clean up your cache or eliminate unnecessary cache elements automatically. As an example, you may want to block third-party cookies so that you never have to worry about cleaning them out of your browser cache in the future.

You may also want to explore the area to Clear Cookies and Site Data When You Close All Windows. That essentially automates the cache clearing process by deleting items every time you close the Chrome browser.

Choose to block certain cookies, allow all cookies, or clear out cookies and site data when you close Google Chrome
Choose how to manage cookies.

The lower part of this section in Chrome has several other options that pertain to the browser cache.

There’s a button to See All Cookies and Site Data, which comes in handy for clearing out cache items individually.

You can also manage lists that allow sites to use cookies, clear cookies when closed, or block cookies entirely.

View all cookies and site data.
View all cookies and site data.